Saturday, 12 April 2008

Between a stone and a hard place

What would you prefer... wasting electricity viewing your bills online or wasting paper getting your bills via snail mail?
Has anyone done a calculation on the power/material used using the electronic way or the paper way?
Have technology really help us reduce wastages?

I dunno whether was this brought up when I was given a A4-sized sales receipt for 4 items costing SGD 10.00 at SGH pharmacy...

Friday, 11 April 2008

Adult Attention-Deficit Disorder

I actually wanted to post this last Sunday but when I walked into my home-office, I saw the clutter and decide to clear the clutter. Then as I did that, I saw a novel that I loved reading. So I went out to the living room to read... as I read first few pages the book, I realised the sequel would have be out since. Thus I went to get ready to head to town to get this new book. As I search for clothes to wear, I realised I need to iron my work clothes for next week. Thus I set out doing it. I turned on the TV and loved that show it was on so I sat down to watch...
I felt asleep later on... waking up several hours into the night...

There you go...
the blog posting was not done;
the clutter is still there;
the novel unfinished;
the novel sequel yet to be brought;
my work clothes unironed;
the TV show I did not get the ending as I had fallen asleep running myself tired...

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Help! Zombies in the dark~ (Killer Torchlights)

Ever wonder how you going to move about and defend yourself when the power goes out and there are zombies loose outside trying to get into your house?

Wonder no more!

The emergency torchlight cum sub-machine gun... all in a innocent package...

If that is not enough... then go to the below link for more killer torchlights...

The K2 Porcupine Light... punch it into the Zombie's head and twist... popped the decaying eyes...

The Stunning Torchlight... sent that 200Kv into the Zombies and fry its brain out...

Or check out this baby with the 4100 lumen light that will fry an egg... burn that Zombie~

Flame on~

Energy Savings - Kite Assisted Ship Propulsion

I came across this article...
"Fair winds... smooth sailing."
I think this phrase were used in the days when sails are the means of propulsion… and now some genius have came up with the below idea. What would be next? Sail mast install on all ships?

Cargo Vessels using giant kites to help in the propulsion and saves 20% of fuel consumption. The savings will be given to the crew.

BTW... lets all try to save Earth and in the course of it save ourselves some money~

Thursday, 13 March 2008

CBD Taxi Stands

This is the most ingenious idea the LTA & MOT has came up with till date.
I would like to shake the hands or pat their backs of that person/s who came up with it.

- Creating of more jobs by the need of constructiing of new Taxi stops/stands/sign post and also coming soon... shelters leading to the stands... (do not take taxi when it is raining as you might get struck by lightning).
- Making our citizens healthier by having to lug their bags a distance.
- Convincing those lazy bums not to use taxis, instead use public (privately runned non competative) transportation services.
- Giving the neighbourhood shops a chance to have some business as no one would want to shop in town areas.
- Giving the MRT security more people to search because more will be carrying bulkier bags after their shopping spree?
- Providing the taxi drivers more places to rest during off-peak times so that when the peak-hour starts, they will have the energy to drive.
- Giving more incentive for the youth of today to keep fit as we strive towards a handicap/aged-easy unfriendly country.

Singapore Green Movement

During my leave, I have noticed how busy the town council ACS are at the blocks around mine. They worked from as early as 6am till after midnight. Sometimes they seems to work around the clock. One might have the impression that my area is squeaky clean.


It is constantly decorated with litter... tissues, wrappers, ciggie butts, pads (you know what kind) food packagings etc... OMG... somehow they think that their flat windows are the rubbish chutes. The side staircase leading up second floor is used as a public toilet. The ledge outside my living room needs to be flush with water during raining days to clear the rubbish accumulated there.

I have not doubt that since I moved in here, we will never ever win the cleanest block in our town.

Have you noticed how we have upgraded the tools of the trade of the area cleaning specialist (ACS) and yet it seems to be as bad as the old times?

Broom/Rake - Gas-power air blower/sweeper or electrical power water pump.

I am not asking them to use detergent to clean the public areas. But with the pump-assist water jet spray, it would at least remove most of the stain. Instead I feel that it just decreases the time the ACS need to get the area wet.

Number of floors in my block = 11
Approximate 5-Room Flat per floor = 6 @ SGD 60.50 = SGD 363.00
Approximate 4-Room Flat per floor = 8 @ SGD 48.00 = SGD 384.00
Total Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) / Month = SGD 8,217.00
Total Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) / Year = SGD 98,604.00
That comes to SGD 100K per year.

Based on the above, it would mean SGD 65K - 70K per year or SGD 5.3K per month would be used for ROE.

"Town councils (TCs) are largely funded by service and conservancy charges (S&CC) collected from residents as well as grants from the Government. The Government has to ensure that TCs use these funds prudently for the benefit of the majority of their residents over the long term. This is why TCs are required by the Town Councils Act to lock away 30% to 35% of their funds into a sinking fund, to ensure that they have adequate funds in the long term to do major cyclical works (MCW) like repainting, re-roofing, replacing lifts and replacing water-supply systems. The remaining 65% to 70% of the funds are used for routine operating expenditure (ROE), such as cleaning, repairs and utility charges. Sembawang Town Council (my TC) has $269 million in its funds, with $237 million going into its Sinking Fund. Aljunied TC has $93 million ($67m going into its Sinking Fund) and Bishan-Toa Payoh $139m ($96m going into its Sinking Fund.) Opposition-held Hougang Town Council has $14 million in its Sinking Fund.

I do not have experience in doing budgets for area maintainence but I would like to know the level of service can one expect paying these charges. Is it too low and thus the lower level of expectation.

Do I have a choice if the S&CC is to be increase?
When can I expect my block lifts to be upgrade?
Why is that my surround blocks are being upgraded (stainless steel pole walls to replace those concrete walls on staircase landings - I think to improve air circulation, more natural lighting, or even crime prevention.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Reasons on why I work... except my reason is to let me afford to feed my Star Trek addiction...

When the boss has too much free time on their hands...

How I wish it was so easy...

Another one of my favourite comic news strip... Sherman's Lagoon.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Star Trek Funnies

When the TNG away team goes to the movies in the 21st Century...

Friday, 29 February 2008

My Dearest Yvonne

I will be strong...
I will be there for you always...
With every pitfall, I will pick myself up and be stronger than before...
All because I have you with me by my side...
Together we will strive towards common future... our legacy...

I love you.